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exile_manor's Journal

The Exile Empire
14 October
Wouldn't you like to know...
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The Empire Flag...

Welcome to Exile.

Welcome to the journal for Exile Manor, yes, this is a Manor of those little voices inside your head.
More specifically my head.

I was your average eight year old, I slept, ate, breathed (more for survival then anything else), went to school (nothing better to do) and ate my veggies even though I hated them.

Then I read Calvin and Hobbes. That's right, the entire reason this fiasco started was because of that... simple... innocent, comic book.
~Insert Doom Music Here~
Upon reading how Calvin escaped boring life with his pet tiger and Spaceman Spiff, as I lacked a tiger, and all attempts to remnify that problem failed, I went with the second option, and created an imaginary world.

Kissana Antasac, my very first muse (that little voice in your head, except now with a body, personality and background.) She was also the first person to receive a quartet story idea, and from her spawned the rest of the muses.
Li- her childhood love.
Kenosha- her love after being kidnapped.
Trowa- Li grown up with a name change and her love again.

In fact, the Empire that would take Kissana away on her eighth birthday was called the Exile Empire.
I dunno, it sounded cool at the time and it stuck.

Now my head is filled with over 400, yes you heard right, over 400 voices, and I think it's time some of their ramblings got out onto the net.


The Exile Empire
Ruler: Ryuujin
God of Death and Destruction
The Dragon Lord
Location: Wouldn't you like to know? Here's a hint, Bermuda Triangle.
Other known names: Tyra, Gaia, Celes, Terra, Gehenna, Hell-Hole.
Under the Exile Empire Flag:
The Hanyou Capital
The Celestial Land (A Kingdom in Heaven)
Wyveria (Dragoon Capital)
Landrenix (A country in Hell)
Allied With:
Hellmaster Pearl
Emperor Kage
Queen Hiraku
Lady QoH
Lady Kitsune
Acolyte Cheat
(Until Further Notice) Marco.
Misc.: Get the hell out of here.

(God F***ing d***it Gin! Get off the damn keyboard!)

Feel free to leave a note if you want.